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‘Total devastation’: Hurricane Maria brings high winds and flooding to Puerto Rico (IMAGES, VIDEO)

RT | Sep 20, 2017

Hurricane Maria has continued its trail of destruction in the Caribbean with Puerto Rico the latest island to feel the force of the storm’s 155mph winds.

The Category Four storm, which claimed the lives of seven people on neighboring Dominica and two on the French island of Guadeloupe, made landfall near the city of Yabucoa on Wednesday morning, forcing at least 11,000 people into shelters.
"This is total devastation,” a spokesman for Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello said. “In terms of the infrastructure, it will not be the same … This is something of historic proportions."

In footage posted to Twitter, flooding appears widespread as heavy rain and high winds can be seen pummeling the island’s communities.

Catastrophic flash flooding is occurring over portions of Puerto Rico and conditions are deteriorating over eastern Dominican Republic, according to the US National Hurricane Center.
Puerto Rico, home to 3.5 million residents, has been left without power. Communications have also been lost with several emergency management outposts, according to emergency officials.

Speaking at press briefing, Abner Gomez, head of the disaster management agency, said the hurricane had damaged “everything in its path.”

“The information we received is not encouraging,” Gomez said.
Meanwhile, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello has asked US President Donald Trump to declare the US territory a disaster zone.
On Monday, the White House declared an emergency in Puerto Rico, but a disaster declaration would increase federal assistance to the already heavily indebted region.
Hurricane Maria is expected to dump up to 128 inches of rain on Puerto Rico before heading toward the Dominican Republic on Wednesday night. It will hit Turks and Caicos as well as the southeastern Bahamas on Thursday evening, according to the National Hurricane Center.


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Our Enemy is Truly Evil – Dr. Dave Janda

USA Watchdog | Sep 20, 2017 | Greg Hunter

Radio host, patriot and retired orthopedic surgeon Dr. Dave Janda is an outspoken critic of Obama Care. Dr. Janda says, “Obama Care is cancer–period.  You can’t tweak cancer.  You have to cut it out.  You have to destroy it, and any plan that does not completely get rid of Obama Care, the patient is going to die–period.  The patient is going to die.”

So, is the latest push by the Republicans going to fix Obama Care? Janda, who is an expert on health policy, says, “It’s going to make it a little better.  You know when someone is serious when they start talking about reducing the control of government and the control of insurance companies when it come to the decision making process about care for each and every patient in our country.”

Janda says the health care issue is part of the control mechanism of the Globalists and New World Order (NOW). Janda explains, “They despise anyone who thinks, anyone that doesn’t slurp their soup that they hand out every morning to us, whether it be the lame stream fake media on TV or radio, the New York Times or the Washington Post.  They despise anyone who thinks.”

Janda thinks the Globalists are Luciferian. They support human trafficking, especially in children.  The NWO controls our politicians with dirty details involving abuse and molestation of children.  Dr. Janda says, “Correct, and many people cannot get their head around this.  They think it’s conspiracy theory.  They think it’s paranoia. . . .  While I was working on health care policy, I ended up meeting people in the intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, DEA, Secret Service and FBI. . . . I asked these folks what percentage of these elected people in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, federally, what percentage of them have control files that are just doing the bidding of the globalists?  They essentially own the show.  The standard answer I get is 99%.

Janda thinks this is the weak spot for the Globalists and the NWO, and Janda contends, “I believe there is a concerted effort to take down the child abuse networks around our country and around the world. We just had a G-20 meeting a couple of months ago.  The lame stream fake media didn’t report this, but thousands of arrests occurred right at the beginning of the G-20 meeting.  In fact, some of the participants of the G-20 meeting were led out in handcuffs because of their involvement in human trafficking and child abuse issues.”

Dr. Janda brings up the human trafficking issue because of one simple reason. Dr. Janda says, “The reason why I bring this up is because each and every one of our listeners has to know who the enemy truly is.  If we don’t identify who our enemy is and how evil they are, we will never be able to defeat them.”

On taking down President Trump by taking down the global economy, Janda says, “I think a financial tsunami is about to hit our shores. The elite always try to give us a heads up before they flush the toilet while we serfs are still in the shower.”

Dr. Janda says one tip was given recently by an expert on FOX News who said, “Someday people are going to wake up, and gold is going to be $3,000, $5,000, heck even $6,000 an ounce.”

Dr. Janda gives three other recent warning signs given by the mainstream media about gold prices that tip off a big financial disruption is drawing near.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda of 

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After the Interview: 

There is a lot of totally free information on If you want to see the interview with former Seal Team Six operator Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, click here.   If you want to tune in to Dave Janda’s radio show, it airs live every Sunday from 2pm to 5pm Eastern Time.  You can find all of Dave Janda’s interviews on the home page of


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New Sex Trafficking Bill Threatens Telecom Giants Bottom Line

RT | Sep 20, 2017

Major tech companies are opposing sex trafficking legislation that would make them liable for content posted by users, arguing that the broad language in the bill could stifle free speech. Proponents argue it would finally end the “legal slave auction” online.

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Information war: Big Brother Google intensifies censorship of anti-war websites

SOTT | Sep 19, 2017 | Andre Damon

World Socialist Web Site - Google has intensified its censorship of left-wing, progressive and anti-war websites, cutting the search traffic of 13 leading news outlets by 55 percent since April.

On August 2, the World Socialist Web Site reported that changes to Google's search algorithm had led the search traffic of these sites to drop by 45 percent, according to figures by the search analysis service SEMRush.

In the ensuing six weeks, the search traffic of every one of these sites, without exception, has plunged further, leading the total search traffic for the sites to fall by an additional nine percentage points.

The World Socialist Web Site, whose search traffic had fallen by 67 percent between April and July, has now experienced a total drop in search traffic of 74 percent.

By other measures, the WSWS's performance in search results has been impacted even more substantially. On September 16, the latest date available, articles from the WSWS were shown in search results 68,000 times, down from over 450,000 in April. This constitutes a decline of some 85 percent.

As a result of Google's censorship, the WSWS's global page rank has fallen from 31,000 to 41,000, according to Amazon's Alexa traffic ranking software.

Other sites affected include:

Alternet, one of the top 3,000 sites in the US, has seen its Google search traffic fall by 71 percent between April and September, up from 63 percent in the period through July.

Democracy Now, one of the top 5,000 sites in the US, had its search traffic fall 50 percent between April and September, up from 36 percent in the period through July.

Common Dreams, ranked in the top 8,000 US sites, had its Google search traffic fall by 50 percent between April and September, up from 37 percent in the period through July.

Global Research, one of the top 14,000 sites in the US, had its traffic fall slightly from its massive 62 percent decline between April and July., ranked in the top 12,000 sites in the US, had its search traffic fall by 49 percent, up from 25 percent in the period through July.

The information uncovered by the WSWS has been prominently reported on a number of alternative news websites, including Consortium News, Global Research, Counterpunch, Truthdig, Russia Today, Truepublica and others.

In an article on Truthdig, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges pointed to the censorship of the WSWS and other left-wing websites:
"The ruling elites, who grasp that the reigning ideology of global corporate capitalism and imperial expansion no longer has moral or intellectual credibility, have mounted a campaign to shut down the platforms given to their critics...

"This is a war of ideas. The corporate state cannot compete honestly in this contest. It will do what all despotic regimes do-govern through wholesale surveillance, lies, blacklists, false accusations of treason, heavy-handed censorship and, eventually, violence."
Despite the broad support for the WSWS's calls for an end to Google's Internet censorship, the company has refused to reply either to the WSWS's petition opposing its censorship or repeated attempts to contact it for comment.

While Google's censorship has substantially reduced traffic to the WSWS, its effect has been partially counteracted by readers sharing articles through email and social media. One widely shared article published on September 9, titled "Why aren't trains evacuating people from the path of Hurricane Irma?", has been viewed over 90,000 times.

While only about 300 people reached the article through Google, tens of thousands accessed it through links from other websites and social media platforms.

In April, Google's vice president of engineering, Ben Gomes, announced in a blog post that the search giant would be implementing changes to its search algorithm to "surface more authoritative content." Google's guidelines for human search evaluators, issued around the same time, stressed that "authoritative" content should appear ahead of "alternative viewpoints."

On August 25, World Socialist Web Site Editorial Board Chairman David North issued an open letter to Google demanding that it stop censoring the Internet and end its political blacklisting of the WSWS.

An online petition calling for Google to end its censorship has received over 3,800 signatures from dozens of countries.

Google, however, has not replied to North's letter.

Recent weeks have seen a drastic escalation in calls for Internet censorship. The campaign to censor the Internet-usually justified in the name of "fighting terrorism" and blacking out "fake news" - has assumed international dimensions and is promoted at the highest levels of government. On ABC's This Week program on Sunday, the first three people interviewed, including British Prime Minister Theresa May, US National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster, and Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, called for stricter control of the Internet.

President Donald Trump responded to last week's terror attack in London with a tweet declaring that "we must cut off" the Internet.

In her newly released book, What Happened?, Hillary Clinton again attributes her defeat to "fake news." She writes approvingly that "Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google have already begun taking steps-adjusting algorithms, deactivating bot networks, and partnering with fact-checkers" - to fight the "torrent of misinformation" supposedly responsible for the outcome of the election.

Google's actions against the World Socialist Web Site and other left and progressive sites are making clear the real targets of Internet censorship: news outlets and political organizations opposing war, social inequality and the domination of society by the financial oligarchy.


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Descent into barbarism: Trump makes virtue out of war and genocide at the UN

RT | Sep 20, 2017 | Finian Cunningham

US President Donald Trump © Eduardo Munoz / Reuters
It can’t get more outrageous. US President Donald Trump stood in front of the United Nations and openly threatened unilateral war and genocide. It’s a sign of the times that such criminal rhetoric is so casually spouted by the world’s biggest military state.

When American leaders address the UN General Assembly, people are generally used to hearing a litany of falsehoods about world events and narcissistic deceptions over America’s global role.

But when Trump made his debut speech on Tuesday, it marked, in addition to the usual American delusions, an unprecedented embrace of criminal militarism.

The nadir in his 40-minute rant came when Trump said the US would “totally destroy” North Korea – if it threatened America or its allies. The qualifier is a threadbare legal justification. It’s also just a cynical excuse for American aggression.

The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea,” said Trump. Mocking North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, he added: “Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.

Trump also called for forceful confrontation – regime change – against Iran, which he vilified as a “corrupt, murderous dictatorship.” He made similar veiled threats against Venezuela and its “socialist dictator” President Nicolas Maduro.

International war crimes lawyer Christopher Black said Trump’s speech amounted to a stunning self-indictment. The Canadian-based attorney said the American president’s words were a shockingly explicit repudiation of UN principles and international law on several counts.

With regard to North Korea, Black said: “The US president is threatening aggression under the false guise of ‘defense.' By openly stating the US will act alone to use military force is a violation of the United Nations’ Charter. Such unilateral use of military force is also a violation of the Nuremberg principles which condemned Nazi Germany for promulgating similar baseless justifications for its aggression.

The lawyer also added that Trump’s warning to “totally destroy North Korea is advocating the genocide of an entire people.” Says Black: “Any military response to any attack has to be proportional – just enough to stop the attack. Trump’s stated objective to wipe the North Korean state and its people from the face of the earth is the crime of genocide under international law.

It should be deeply troubling that the supposed leader of the world’s most powerful country so openly and disgustingly makes a virtue of barbarism. As American writer Tom Feeley succinctly described Trump’s diatribe at the UN: An ignorant savage who spewed hatred all over the nations of the world.

No wonder Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping opted to skip Trump’s landmark speech. So too did German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It’s amazing how anyone could sit through such torturous distortions. In a sane world, someone should have slapped handcuffs on Trump and hauled him off to a criminal court.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was also absent. While the North Korean ambassador walked out of the General Assembly chamber as Trump was taking the podium for his address.

When Trump declared his criminal intent toward North Korea there were audible gasps of disquiet among the hundreds of delegates. Several times during Trump’s tirade, the White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was seen covering his face with his hand or shifting uncomfortably in his seat. The body language spoke of shameful “embarrassment” – a word that Trump, ironically, used twice during his address referring disparagingly to others.

Anyone with a normal cognition of recent world events had to have cringed at almost every sentence uttered by Trump. It says something that the few delegates who appeared happy with Trump’s harping included Israel’s premier Benjamin Netanyahu and the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia – two actual rogue states that were unsurprisingly left out of Trump’s harangue.

Even the US media seemed embarrassed by the president’s boorish and bloodcurdling tone.

Pundits on CNN were staggered by Trump’s threats of annihilation toward North Korea. The New York Times called it “a bellicose debut” while the Washington Post said Trump’s “bellicosity and swagger” was “an incoherent mess.” Admittedly, those news outlets have been opposed to Trump’s presidency all the way since his election. But there was a different quality to their reaction to his UN speech - one of aghast disbelief that an American president could be so uncouth and unabashedly criminal in what he was advocating.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blasted Trump for “ignorant hate speech” which, he said, was unworthy of a considered response.

Zarif is right. The torrent of falsehoods and delusions that Trump verbalized are hardly worth rebutting in detail, so crass were they in their upside-down view of the world. It’s so unhinged, it’s beyond argumentation and reason.

But let’s do a few illustrative choice quotes where irony is dead as a rock.

Trump said: “Rogue regimes represented in this body not only support terrorists but threaten other nations and their own people with the most destructive weapons known to humanity.”

That’s cloying, considering the recent reports of the American CIA allegedly funneling $2.2 billion worth of weapons to terrorist groups in Syria to overthrow the elected government of President Bashar Assad. And considering that Trump in front of 193 nations was threatening North Korea with “total destruction.”

Trump made a dig at Russia and China when he said: “We must reject threats to sovereignty, from the Ukraine to the South China Sea. We must uphold respect for law, respect for borders, and respect for culture, and the peaceful engagement these allow.”

Eh, this sanctimonious advice from the leader of a country that has subverted the sovereignty and borders of more nations than any other in history, including that of Ukraine where Washington violently installed a neo-Nazi regime in February 2014. American aerial bombing of numerous countries simultaneously, including Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan, is a curious “respect for borders, sovereignty, and law.”

Trump talks about the “scourge of rogue regimes” without a hint of self-awareness about his own country’s depredations or of its Israeli and Saudi allies. He said: “The scourge of our planet today is a small group of rogue regimes that violate every principle on which the United Nations is based. They respect neither their own citizens nor the sovereign rights of their countries.

Finally, perhaps the crowning absurdity was this: “The United States of America has been among the greatest forces for good in the history of the world, and the greatest defenders of sovereignty, security, and prosperity for all.”

Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama and other US presidents were also remarkable for their skill at spouting similar distortions and delusions. In that regard, Trump’s bravura nonsense was more of the same ridiculous “American exceptionalism.”

But setting Trump’s speech apart was his flagrant embrace of criminal militarism as a matter of US foreign policy, and his nauseating invocation of genocide in a war on North Korea.


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'Rogue Newcomer': Rouhani Calls Trump's UN Remarks Over Nuclear Deal 'Ignorant and Absurd'

RT | Sep 20, 2017

US President Donald Trump’s UN speech was a “violation” of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday, as cited by Reuters. He added that in case the deal collapses, Tehran could return to the high level uranium enrichment that is needed for its reactor fuel.

Iran will respond “decisively” to any violation of the 2015 nuclear deal by “any party,” President Hassan Rouhani said in his speech at the UN General Assembly earlier on Wednesday, as he hit back at US President Donald Trump.

"I declare before you that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not be the first country to violate the agreement," the Iranian president said, adding that Tehran “will respond decisively and resolutely to its violation by any party.”

He went on to say that “it will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by 'rogue' newcomers to the world of politics – the world will have lost a great opportunity,” apparently referring to Trump, who earlier called the Iranian nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions” and an “embarrassment” to the US.

Rouhani then warned that “by violating its international commitments, the new US administration only destroys its own credibility,” and once again said that Tehran does not plan to withdraw from the deal and return to nuclear weapons development.

However, in August, Iran’s president warned that Tehran is ready to withdraw from the deal within “not a week or a month but within hours” and return to its nuclear program should Washington impose new restrictions against it.

The Iranian leader then criticized the US president’s Tuesday speech to the General Assembly, calling it “ignorant, absurd and hateful rhetoric filled with ridiculously baseless allegations.”

In his speech, Trump called Iran a “depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos,” saying that it funds “terrorists that kill innocent Muslims and attack their peaceful Arab and Israeli neighbors.”

Last week, Trump hinted that the US might not re-certify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement in October, adding that Tehran “violated the spirit” of the deal.

On Wednesday, the US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, downplayed Trump’s statements by saying that the US president’s speech at the UNGA does not mean that the US plans to disown the deal.

At the same time, she said that the White House has “grounds” not to re-certify Iran’s compliance with the agreement in October.


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