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Social media can be used to 'predict future' – study

RT | Jun 28, 2017

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Facebook, Twitter and other online social media platforms are more than a place to post photos and status updates, according to a new research which says they can also be used to foresee the future.

The research published earlier this month, notes that "because user behavior on SM [social media] is a reflection of events in the real world, researchers have realized they can use SM in order to forecast, making predictions about the future."

Conducted by a team from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington, which is a Department of Energy (DOE) government research laboratory, and the University of Washington, the study examines existing literature, citing examples of successful and unsuccessful predicting of future events using social media.

"Preliminary results do largely show positive findings," the research claims.

It states that social media can be used in a number of ways to predict future events, and much of it requires only being observant to the buzz and chatter taking place on such sites.

"If SM users are reacting to and talking about events in real time, one might imagine that users are also talking about and reacting to events that they anticipate will happen in the future," the report says.

"This raises the interesting possibility that SM data might be useful for forecasting events: making predictions about events that have yet to occur."

The 55-page research on SM forecasting spans a wide range of topics, including outcomes of elections, fluctuations in the stock market, disease outbreaks and possible detection of other "real-world" threat, such as "natural disasters, security events, and political uprisings."

Among such examples mentioned in the study is the Arab Spring protests in the Middle East in 2011. Having followed tweet content, researchers were able "to detect and predict Arab Spring protests in Egypt within a timespan of 3 days," the report claims.

It also states that separate predictions based on social media data have taken place with "impressive precision" regarding protests, riots, and civil unrest in Latin America.

Comment: Interesting that both these events were and are psychological operations, and you would expect that their study would be more critical.

"Working with data from Tumblr demonstrated impressive precision in event detection (95.6%) with an average lead time of 4.8 days," it says.

However, not every topic can be foreseen by simply picking up on social media behavior.

Among the not so successful examples is the 2014 World Cup: "An attempt to predict match outcomes utilizing Twitter data, failed to perform better than random chance for early tournament matches."

However, the study optimistically states that "recurring findings and promising results continue to galvanize researchers and demand continued investigation."

ISIS fighters trapped in one square mile of Mosul

The Duran | Jun 27, 2017 | Alexander Mercouris

ISIS fighters in Mosul now trapped by Iraqi army in just a few streets of the Old City but still in contact with ISIS leadership.

Over the last 24 hours the Iraqi army has reduced the tiny ISIS controlled pocket in the Old City of Mosul further in size, that it now spans just one square mile, and that it is now about to be cut in half.

Reports a few days ago spoke of no more than 300 ISIS fighters still alive and fighting in the city.  With all of them completely trapped in a warren of streets in a tiny area of Mosul’s Old City the end is likely to be only days away.

Contrary to claims which are occasionally made, ISIS fighters have been known to surrender to the Syrian and Iraqi militaries in the past.  However the fanatically minded ISIS fighters still resisting in Mosul’s Old City will doubtless go on fighting to their deaths, which they must know are now just days away.

A day or so ago many of them killed themselves in a wave of suicide bomb attacks on the surrounding Iraqi troops.  As the end approaches those who are left will probably also choose this way out.  Suicide bombing – once seen by ISIS and other Jihadi groups as the weapon which would deliver them victory – is now a sign of their despair.

On a related issue, following the destruction by ISIS of the Great Mosque of Mosul a few days ago, I speculated that the order for the destruction of the mosque may have come from ISIS’s leader – Ibrahim Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi – himself and that the destruction of the mosque was therefore strong evidence that the Russian claim that he may have been killed in an air strike is wrong, and that he is probably still alive.

There was one point which did give me pause.  This was whether the ISIS fighters in Mosul were still in contact with ISIS’s leadership and with Al-Baghdadi himself.  I speculated that despite being completely cut off in Mosul they probably were
Though the communications of the remaining ISIS fighters trapped in Mosul with ISIS’s leadership are doubtless sporadic and being monitored, I still think that before taking such a step they would have sought final authorisation from ISIS’s leadership – probably through a coded message – and that this would have required the agreement of Al-Baghdadi himself.
Probable confirmation of this came today in the form of a video published by Amaq, ISIS’s ‘news agency’, which claims to show ISIS fighters in Mosul’s Old City shooting back at the surrounding Iraqi troops.

Whilst it is possible that this video is faked – perhaps shot in some other location or made some time ago – it looks to me genuine (as with all Amaq videos I will not provide a link).  If so then it shows that some sort of communication between ISIS and its fighters in Mosul still takes place, making it possible for Amaq to upload videos made in Mosul, and Al-Baghdadi to send orders to the remaining ISIS fighters still fighting there.

Though the defeat of ISIS in Mosul has taken too long to destroy the credibility of the group, it will release large numbers of battle experienced Iraqi troops whom the Iraqi government will doubtless redeploy to the ISIS infested areas of western Iraq bordering eastern Syria.

That will significantly increase the number of Syrian and Iraqi troops in this area, where the Syrian and Iraqi militaries are increasingly cooperating with each other, and where ISIS is expected to make its last stand.

That should hasten the end of the war against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq, and perhaps globally as well.

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Beyond the Fake News: It's Snowing in Summer

Adapt2030 | Jun 28, 2017

Two inches of snow fell in Tatarstan and an inch fell in Murmansk Russia during the first week of summer. I love how the US media focuses on heat in Arizona during the summer, but never spoke about summer snow in Russia, far south near Central Asia. This is definitely a sign of the intensifying Mini Ice Age.

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8 Easy Steps to Insanity: How the Scientific Dictatorship Took Over

TruthStream Media | Jun 28, 2017

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Oblivious: The Cultural Economic Crisis Nears - James Howard Kunstler

Greg Hunter | Jun 28, 2017

How does James Howard Kunstler think all the rigged financial markets and fantasy economy will play out? Kunstler says, “There is an appearance that they can carry on these shenanigans forever, but sooner, rather than later, we are going to see consequences. My guess is it will appear in the form of people losing their confidence in the value and the meaning of the money they are using. That would be a currency crisis. Right now, they have no reason to believe in the value of the things in the markets because the markets have been so distorted. Eventually, I think it will be a matter of them losing confidence in the currencies themselves. I think that’s where it’s going to start to accelerate into a major crisis of culture and economy.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with journalist James Howard Kunstler, author of the new book “A Safe and Happy Place,” his 20th book.

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Cell Phone Towers And What You Really Should Know About Them

Cell phone microwave towers are popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a spring rain.

There are numerous types of towers, including those which are called “mast” towers.  There’s even a mini cell tower, the “thimble”, which can be planted on top of a utility pole!

This website has numerous photos of various configurations and types of cell towers.

However, it does not contain the “thimble,” which can look like this.  However, some can be a third that size.

According to the article, “Burbank Action: Decreased Real Estate Value,”
“People don’t want to live next to one not just because of health concerns, but also due to aesthetics and public safety reasons, i.e., cell towers become eyesores, obstructing or tarnishing cherished views, and also can attract crime, are potential noise nuisances, and fire and fall hazards.” 

A number of organizations and studies have documented the detrimental effects of cell towers on property values. 

  1. The Appraisal Institute, the largest global professional membership organization for appraisers with 91 chapters throughout the world, spotlighted the issue of cell towers and the fair market value of a home and educated its members that a cell tower should, in fact, cause a decrease in home value.  [1]

 Did you know that?  A cell phone company can decrease the value of your property just by locating a cell tower next, or near, to your property!

Here is a twenty-two page report titled “The Impact of Cellular Phone Base Station Towers On Property Values,”  which you may want to study to understand another unseen impact of microwave technology on your wellbeing, financial that is!  That’s in addition to your health and wellness.

Interestingly, the New Zealand court’s decision conceded “… a reduction in property values is not an environmental effect in itself; it is merely evidence, in monetary terms, of the other adverse effects noted.” [2]   Just one of many “adverse effects of microwave technology,” I offer.

In Penitas, Texas, a pole with what looks like a “thimble” cell tower on top went up overnight and citizens are concerned.  No one seems to know who erected it and why!

A French study published in 2003 [3] and in PubMed indicates
that people living within 300 meters [900 feet] of cell phone antennas reported various health complaints including, “fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches, difficulty concentrating, depression, memory loss, visual disruptions, irritability, hearing disruptions, skin problems, cardiovascular disorder and dizziness”.
According to independent EMF researcher Lloyd Burrell at Electric Sense, [4]
Cell phone tower radiation exposures are linked to many different symptoms, these include:
Low sperm count
Immune system deficiencies
Concentration difficulties
Joint problems
Skin complaints
Cardiovascular diseases
Auditory system Disturbances
Visual problems
Gastrointestinal problems
Another study carried out in Belo Horizonte, Brazil [5]
found that over 80 percent of people who succumbed to certain types of cancer resided a third of a mile away from one of the hundreds of cell phone antennae that populate the city. The study established a link between over 7000 cancer deaths and cell phone tower radiation exposures.
A study conducted on the people of Germany, who lived near the Naila cell tower,
found that after 6-10 years of exposure there was a 3 fold increase in the cancer risk for residents who lived less than 400 meters [1200 feet] from the tower. For people who lived more than 400 meters away from the tower, there was no marked increase in cancer risk. [4]
We are living in a sea of radiation pollution or electrosmog,” which we have no one to blame but ourselves for buying into all the microwave technologies being forced upon what’s becoming known as the digital, “smart” world and, ultimately, the Internet of Things (IoT).

As someone who is heavily into researching this stuff, I beg readers to become more inclined to check out microwave radiation; do your own research.  Please don’t take my word for granted.  Look into what’s being published around the globe by independent, non-microwave-industry-sponsored researchers to understand what’s happening to your body and your mind from the constant bombardment of unseen non-thermal radiation waves.